Monday, December 22, 2008

Hypocrisy 101 - external links "policy"

Angela Beesley is the co-founder of Wikia, Inc.

In September 2008 on the Wikimedia "Meta" site, Beesley added an external link to the commercial website that writes her paycheck. Considering that Beesley is the co-founder of the $14,000,000 venture-capitalized Wikia, one has to assume she is pulling down at least $75,000 per year from that site... so it stands to reason that she benefits materially from building up awareness and traffic for her growing enterprise, such as by spam-linking to it.

Note, there were already over 12,000 outbound links to Wikia, Inc.'s website from the Meta project site! What's another widdle ol' one teeny tiny link going to hurt? No conflict of interest to see here, folks; move along now!

Later though, in December 2008, Beesley took it upon her busy self to remove a couple of external links to a commercial website that generates for its owner about $6 per month.

That site doesn't have 12,144 links to it from Wikimedia Meta, such as does. Rather, it has an insignificant 8 links to it from the Meta project.

So, used to have 10 outbound links from Wikimedia Meta, but thanks to busy little Angela Beesley, that number has been trimmed to 8.

What do readers think? How hypocritical are these actions by Angela Beesley, all in the plain sight of the world?